We offer a large range of
durable interior decal options
Interior Decals

interior decals

Our interior decals are durable, easy to clean, and meet or exceed APTA and FRA regulations to provide clear and concise directions in emergencies. All our signs meet APTA Standards for Emergency Signage for Egress/Access of Passenger Rail Equipment.

Braille Embossed Decals
Braille Embossed Decals
Decal Kitting
Decal Kitting
Instructional Decals
Instructional Decals
Photoluminescent Decals
Photoluminescent Decals
Safety Warning Decals
Safety Warning Decals
Vinyl Decals
Vinyl Decals
Braille Embossed Decals

braille embossed decals

If it is signage you are looking for, you won’t be disappointment with our polycarbonate embossed braille signage with 3M adhesive.

  • Raised Letters and Numbers, Braille
  • Embossing
  • Double-Sided Printing
  • Laminates and Coating Options
  • Abrasion resistant

decal kitting

Combining a complete component kit for ease of installation at assembly.

Each kit is designed around the customer specific needs, ready for direct installation during assembly.

Kitting Capabilities:

  • Supplying directly to production line
  • Custom kit packages
  • Just in time
Decal Kitting
Instructional Decals

instructional decals

We offer a large range of interior graphic components that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

  • ISO Graphics
  • International Symbol Signage
  • Regulatory Signage
  • Safety Decals
  • Wayfinding

photoluminescent decals

All our HPPL Products:

  • Meet Standard Fire, Smoke & Toxicity Transit requirements
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Chemical and Stain resistant
  • Radioactive free materials are used in the manufacture of this product.
Photoluminescent Decals
Safety Warning Decals

safety warning decals

Warning decals can be made to meet your specifications:

  • ISO Graphics and International Symbol Signage and Decals
  • Stainless Steel (Etched and Color Filled)
  • Aluminum (Metal Photo or Etched)
  • Plastic / Lamacoid
  • Polycarbonate (Printed and/or Embossed)

vinyl decals

Tough, flexible and economical, vinyl decals can conform to a number of surfaces.

We offer economical labeling solutions for a wide variety of applications where moderate durability is adequate.

Our durable soft white vinyl can conform to a number of surfaces, including often difficult to label irregular surfaces.

Reflective and non-reflective options available.

Material: 3M 180, 3M 3690, 3M 680

Vinyl Decals
INPS has solutions
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Interior Decals