INPS Interior OEM Solutions offers vacuum forms, prints, embosses, CNC cuts, thermoforms, and a variety of parts for original equipment. Let INPS’ team of engineers assist you with your next project.

Control Panels

Control panels manufactured with the utmost attention to detail

We offer a large range of
durable interior decal options

Fiberglass for a more rigid option for interior solutions

Safety where you need it most

3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004

Reduce noise and vibration inside the locomotive

We manufacture wall, window and stairwell panels


Control panels can be from various materials: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, polycarbonates, polyester or a combination of materials. Engraving, screening, etching and anodizing are all processes completed in In-house. Customer volumes can vary from prototype requirements through to production batches. If required INPS can add a protective paint barrier to the Control Panel should the customers internal assembly process dictate the need.


Our decals are durable and easy to clean decal which meet or exceed APTA and FRA regulations providing clear and concise directions in the case of an emergency. All our signs meet APTA Standards for Emergency Signage for Egress/Access of Passenger Rail Equipment.


We are continuously developing innovative and maintenance-friendly solutions for mass transit vehicles including: Interior fiberglass panels, fiberglass ceiling panels, Window freezes and arc shields.

Options include: decorative laminate and inlay, charging stations, integrated mounting hardware options, integrated metal component options, vacuum formed laminate with infused fiberglass options as well as anti-smoke, anti-fire and low toxicity.


FIREFLY™ addresses the needs of safe evacuation from rail cars, buildings and transportation corridors. FIREFLY™ products are manufactured using the highest quality materials in terms of durability and safety.


Only 3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004 offers you four layers of protection. Competitive films offer protection for a single incident. Only 3M™ Scotchgard™ Multi-Layer Protective Film 1004 offers you four individual peel-away layers with a single installation.


Our Quiet Ride sound damping panels are constructed from sound absorbing materials reducing noise emissions in locomotive cabins Custom-made to fit any locomotive, our Quiet Ride sound damping system refreshes the look of the cabin interior while reducing noise and vibration.


Thermoformed Panels • Window freezes – Foam backing supports • Cove panels • Vestibule panels • Door pocket trim and parts • Trim panels • Stairway linings • Lens gap covers HPL Panels • Wall panels