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Exterior Locomotive Wraps

exterior wraps

When supplying vehicle wraps for transit or fleet applications our team can incorporate artwork and colours while considering effective spacing of the design based on the application requirements. INPS also had a Graphics team that can assist in design or support when requested.

exterior wraps
Transit Wraps
Police Vehicle Wraps
Police Car Wraps
Hydro Box Wraps
Hydro Box Wraps
Asset Wraps
Asset Wraps
Equipment Wraps
Exterior Wraps

Transit Wraps

Don’t Paint It — Wrap It!

Say goodbye to the days of multiple paint coats, long turnaround times and related safety concerns, including high VOC emissions.

Our transit / locomotive wraps, which meet regulatory and compliance requirements, can help you achieve reduced downtime with faster installing films and protective coverings.

Fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Police Vehicle Wraps

Stand out in the crowd by installing a brilliant distinctive look on your vehicle. INPS utilizes 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 with more than 100 colours to choose from when enhancing the façade of your vehicle.

Whether you want to wrap the entire vehicle or add accents, this personalization film comes out of the box ready to install.

Police Vehicle Wraps
Hydro Box Wraps

hydro box wraps

Wraps can be applied to many different surfaces allowing our customers to advertise, display, market, cover-up, eliminate graffiti, protection or enhance the look of walls, vehicles, trailers, cabs, or containers. The boundaries are only limited to the base the wrap is being applied to.

  • Utility Boxes
  • Decorative Wraps
  • Customizable
  • Anti-graffiti Protection
  • Beautification
  • Large and Small Scale
  • Projects
  • Branding or Unique
  • Message

asset WRAPS

Extend your branding or unique message to everything from recycle bins to Zambonis.

Unique messaging in unusual places create an eye-catching buzz and beautify even the most mundane items.

Let INPS aid in sharing your message or telling your story.

Asset Wraps

equipment wraps

Vinyl Cut Logo and letters were pulling away from the temper tinted window. Due to window condition and sun/heat.

INPS added a sun shade film to the window and applied the new window film graphics.

Next, INPS removed the tinted film and signage, put a new formulated vinyl graphic directly to the tempered glass.

Enhance exterior surfaces
with graphic wraps

market sectors