Exterior OEM solutions

Let INPS add parts to your original equipment.  Identification tags, capacity tags, vinyl wraps and branded decals all can be added to your product for identification.


50 years’ experience in supplying decals

Heavy & thin gauge vacuum thermoforming extruded parts

Draw attention to your business

Comprehensive railcar decal kits customized for any rail application

Bringing your ideas to life


As a 3M Select Platinum Graphics manufacturer and installer, we design, produce and install vehicle decals. INPS offers complete exterior decal kits or individually required decals.


INPS manufactures custom dunnage components for original equipment manufacturers. The design of these components optimize space while protecting customers parts in transit. Our customers can collaborate with our engineering and design groups for concept and development of components through prototype to production volumes.


We are continuously developing innovative and maintenance-friendly solutions for mass transit vehicles including: Interior fiberglass panels, fiberglass ceiling panels, Window freezes and arc shields.


Kits for Corporate Signage, Rail Car Decals and Fleet Graphics.
Combining a complete component kit for ease of installation or assembly.
Each kit is designed around the customer’s specific needs.
Ready for direct assembly line feed.


When supplying vehicle wraps for transit or fleet applications our team can pre-engineer to adhere to corporate colors and standards while considering effective spacing of the design.