Commercial and Industrial Supplier of ID Tags
Exterior ID Tags

exterior id tags

We offer a complete range of name plates, serial plates and ID Tags to satisfy your identification needs and can add most any data you require in a number of forms. Stainless steel in brushed and mirror finishes, or aluminum finished in matte, brushed or ionized in many colors.

UID Labels
UID Labels
Serial Plates
Serial Plates
AEI Tags
AEI Tags
Aluminum Nameplates
Aluminum Nameplates
Brake Badge Plates
Brake Badge Plates
Capacity Tags
Capacity Tags
UID Labels

UID labels

INPS is a global supplier of Commercial and Industrial products as well as a proud supplier to the Defense and Military manufacturers.

INPS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

serial plates

Serial plates are used to track and identify the OEM supplier of products and assemblies. These plates can be specifically designed around corporate branding and colours. Base materials vary depending on the environment and customer requirements.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Warranty verification
  • Increased security
  • Data Analysis
  • QR Codes
  • Data Matrix Codes
  • Bar Codes


Serial Plates
AEI Tags

aei tags

This illustration indicates that should environmental, chemical or elements create a need for special protection INPS may have your solution.

AT5118 Standard Temperature AEI RF Identification Tag

AT5133 High Temperature Rail Tag (Heat Resistant Coating ideal for railroad thaw sheds)

aluminum name plates

Aluminum is a great choice when your application requires corrosion resistance and greater durability than the plastic option.

  • Anodized
  • Photo Etched
  • Screen Printed
  • Printed
Aluminum Nameplates
Brake Badge Plates

brake badge plates

INPS has streamlined our process by providing next-day shipping of our railcar products. This eliminates the lost time during which your new or refurbished rail cars sit idle.

INPS prides itself with finding value chain solutions to most customer requirements.

capacity tags

Capacity Tags can be customer specific, customized, or generic and be produced in volumes to accommodate our customer’s needs. Our Capacity Tags use 3M adhesive tape backing which can be specifically chosen to provide the best bond for your application.

  • Weight load
  • Quantity
  • Product Description
  • Bar coding
  • Volumes
Capacity Tags
INPS Rail offers AEI Tags with both local and mobile programming abilities
Exterior ID Tags

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